AARISE Group Program

Understanding History + Healing through Body Awareness & Emotional Resilience

AARISE is a holistic program to help you learn about Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) history and to process your own individual experience in relation to this historical context.  


Our intention is to provide you with the knowledge and practical tools to help you confidently claim your racial identity and become more empowered in your role in fighting for racial justice.  


Part history lesson and part coaching, AARISE is a 12-week program. Throughout the program, you'll learn about social justice topics from the lens of being AAPI as well as different tools to help you better understand yourself and your interpersonal experiences.

Is this program for you?


This program is NOT for you if you are looking for:


❌ A checklist of action items that you can fit in between making lunch and picking up dry cleaning that will make you a good ally for life

❌ A quick download of history without deeper analysis

❌ A lecture-style course that does not give you the opportunity to share your own reflections


This program is for you if you are looking for:

✅ A space to reflect on your experiences as a person of Asian ancestry living in the diaspora

✅ A community to help you ground your reflections in the larger context of social activism history

✅ A way to identify racialized trauma and to process it intellectually, verbally, emotionally, and physically

✅ Deep listening and radical honesty in community

Here's What Participants Have to Say....



This 3-month experience will run from

March 16 - June 10

We meet on Zoom every Tuesday at 4:30pm PT // 7:30pm ET for 2 hours each session. We will start with an opening retreat on March 16 to get to know the members of your cohort and end with a program celebration on Thursday, June 10. The program is divided into four units, with each unit spanning three weeks. Throughout the program there will be optional Community Happy Hours for cohort members to deepen their connections with each other.

Opening Retreat: Introduction and Foundation-Setting

We will do introductions, get to know each other and set up group norms. We will introduce foundational concepts, including:

  • Systemic oppression and white supremacy culture

  • Identifying experiences of racism in the body

  • Visual memories journaling

UNIT 1: Understanding Power Dynamics


We will dive deep into power structures and understand why power matters, including:


  • Social identities and relational power
  • Experiences of power imbalance and naming your emotions

  • Power dynamics reclamation experience

UNIT 2: Blackness, Whiteness, and Asian American Identity

This unit will help us break down the racial hierarchy found in the United States, including:


  • Race as a social construct and the creation of blackness, whiteness, and Asian American identity

  • How does knowing Asian American history affect us

  • Identity wheel and claiming our labels

UNIT 3: The History of AAPI in the U.S.

Having built up foundational concepts and tools, we will begin to explore Asian American Pacific Islander history more deeply, including:

  • Exclusion and fragmentation, the model minority myth

  • Microaggressions and workplace identities

  • Voice release and shadow truth purge

UNIT 4: Colonialism & Global Imperialism

We make the connection between settler colonialism in the United States and U.S. military imperialism abroad, especially in Asia, including:

  • Colonialism and indigeneity; U.S. military imperialism

  • The stories in our family lineages and the social contexts in which they happened

  • Intergenerational trauma, resilience, and inner child work

Closing Celebration: The Path to Liberation

Our work by no means ends here. We will utilize what we learn to guide our actions, including:


  • Allyship and challenging commonly-held perceptions of Asian American activism

  • Confidence and celebration of the self

  • Joy grounded in personal and collective identity



AARISE is structured to be a balance of history and social justice education, coaching, deep dive conversations, and emotional processing and healing on a somatic level. Supporting you on a journey of intellectual, emotional, and physical embodiment learning, AARISE is truly one-of-a-kind.


There is no other program like this out there!

  • Tailored to the Asian American Pacific Islander Experience

    A program designed for AAPIs, by AAPIs.

  • Community

    Zoom happy hour events and a dedicated Slack channel to foster connections, continue discussion, build relationships, and share resources.

  • Blended Learning

    Features lectures, discussions and case studies as well as emotional development, creative activities, movement experiences, visualization, journaling, and more.

  • Blended Group Size

    Both large group discussion and sharing with smaller breakout sessions to connect with your peers and dive deeper into the weekly topics.




Understanding History + Healing through Body Awareness & Emotional Resilience

Ready to join us on a journey of identity and belonging?

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